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Make your game experience brighter!

Do you want to buy binoculars to see all the details on the football field? To see the emotions of the players, to withness what will not be shown on the big screen? We will deliver you binoculars quickly to any place in Moscow or St. Petersburg on the day of the order, or you could choose and buy them in our shops, located in the both cities centers. 

During the Championship we offer several models with up 25 discount!

We accept VISA and MasterCard payments.

Pentax is a Japanese company, which binoculars are traditionally known for their very high quality and reliability. Their undoubted advantages include excellent quality optics, original and practical design, durability and ease of use.

PENTAX Lens Coating Technology

Light entering the binoculars diminishes each time it passes a lens or prism surface. To prevent such light loss across multiple wavelengths, many binoculars have multilayer coating applied. PENTAX binoculars feature fully-multi coated optics, which means that multilayer coating is applied to every light-incident surface, maximizing light transmission for a bright field of view.
Compare our binoculars to those with a comparable objective lens diameter and magnification, and see the difference for yourself. 

Sealed design and filling the space between the lenses with nitrogen allows you to equally successfully use Pentax binoculars in conditions of high humidity, heat, cold, they are excellent even in the most difficult travels. 

U series

Don't miss a moment. Indoor or out.
Suddenly so close you can almost touch it. That's because PENTAX quality and clarity are within reach, at a price that's within reach, too. These compact porro-prism models feature dual-axis, single body design with synchronized eyepiece adjustment. Aspherical lens elements give you edge-to-edge sharpness. Clear images and clearly affordable.

FROM 3 999 RUB (~$63)

S series

Exceptional vision quality meets high-end expectations.
Large objective lenses incorporated in the design allow for contrast-rich, bright viewing under all light conditions.

FROM 6 700 RUB (~$107)

A series

Full-size performance in a compact-sized body.
All A series Binoculars offer you impeccable viewing quality in a compact portability and durable design, so you can enjoy carrying convenience without compromising performance.

FROM 10 000 RUB (~$160)

Z series

This flagship series offers the ultimate in optics, achieving state-of-the-art performance that will satisfy even the most demanding users, whatever the situation.
Magnesium alloy construction balances durability and weight. Premium multi-layer coating assures the maximum light transmission through the binocular. Specialized coating repels dust, water and grease

FROM 47 000 RUB (~$750)


Read more:  How to choose PENTAX Binoculars

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We also sell binoculars from USA company – Meade Instruments, which offer very good value/price ratio, starting from 2990 rub (~$47)

Meade Mirage Binoculars 

  • Meade high-quality binoculars deliver years of use.
  • Fully multi-coated optics provide bright, high-resolution images.
  • Rubber armoring protects precision optics against impact.
  • Includes padded case, neck strap and cleaning cloth.

FROM 6 200 RUB (~$99)

Rainforest Pro Binoculars
  • Meade premium-quality, 10-power, roof prism binoculars deliver years of use
  • Large 32mm & 42mm lens apertures
  • Fully multi-coated, BaK-4 prisms with Phase Coated optics provide bright, detailed, high-resolution images
  • Waterproof, nitrogen purged, rugged rubber armored construction protects against the elements
  • Includes padded case, neck strap and cleaning cloth
  • Professional binoculars with fully multi-coated optics and phase coatings. 
  • Waterproof and fogproof with BAK4 roof prisms. Includes nylon soft pouch, carry strap and lens cleaning cloth. 
  • Rubber armored body for a sure grip

FROM 10 990 RUB (~$178)

TravelView Binoculars
  • Meade high-quality, roof prism binoculars deliver years of use
  • Coated optics and BK-7 prisms provide bright, high-resolution images
  • Rubber armoring protects precision optics against impact
  • Includes padded case, neck strap, and cleaning cloth
  • Rubber armored body for a sure grip

FROM 2 990 RUB (~$48)

Meade Wilderness Binoculars

  • Meade high-quality, roof prism binoculars deliver years of use
  • Rugged waterproof binoculars with multi-coated optics in a green housing.
  • Fogproof, with BAK4 roof prisms with soft pouch, strap and lens cleaning cloth.
  • Rubber armored body for a sure grip

FROM 4 990 RUB (~$79)


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